Student Affiliations

Students after the HOSA Competition 2015

Students after the HOSA Competition 2015

The opportunity for students to learn outside of school is evermore valuable.  Our students seek chances to work toward a number of different goals using programs located outside of CAL. With the support of the CTE Revitalization Grant, CAL can help the students compete in the following events:


HOSA (Health Sciences) – CAL teachers write a grant to help students participate in this competition.  Students who compete will develop leadership and technical skill competencies through a program of motivation, awareness, and recognition.

Competitions begin on April 8


CyberPatriot – This is a youth cyber defense competition, where our CIS students have the opportunity to compete in front of some of the most cyber secure organizations in the world.

Competition is October – March


First Robotics – This is a prestigious robotics competition in which our participating students will be funded by Boeing, Autodesk, ITT, Bench Made, and Microchip. Our students get the opportunity to work with two mentors throughout the competition: Michael Ohlrich from Benchmade, and Andy Sears, a software designer at Autodesk.

Competition begins March/April


Code Day –  CAL students are participating in this year’s event.  Code Day is a student event in which they must build something within 24 hours.  Students will get into teams, pitch ideas, and build a game or app within the time frame.