Short-Term Partnerships

Mechanical Engineering Field trip to the National Guard

Mechanical Engineering Field trip to the National Guard

Without having to dedicate too much time away from your business, you can share your industry-specific expertise with CAL students and increase their exposure to work-based experiences.  These can be single events, or an occasional visit to CAL.  Some possible options that are available:



Field trips could be scheduled for your business or at an industry facility. It is a great opportunity to show off what you do to the students and staff of CAL. During a field trip, students have to leave their comfort zone of the classroom and apply what they have learned to what is used in the industry.  Although field trips only last a few hours, students consume much information and always look forward to using what they have seen once they return to the classroom.



Bring your business to CAL, and describe to our students what it is that makes your business run.  Explaining the logistics of your business will encourage many questions from CAL students that you would not usually receive. The impact that your presentation could leave will be a huge factor in deciding the way the students’ next few years could unfold.



Our state of the art facilities are like no other school you have ever seen.  Our Manufacturing Lab has equipment that leading companies work with, as well as our flight simulator.  The Health Sciences department has both a Dental and a Nursing Lab.  When you see these for yourself, you will appreciate the quality of the facilities and realize why working with CAL will only enhance the futures of our students even more.

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Your industry expertise is extremely valuable for so many reasons, so why not share it with CAL and become an advisor? This can be done by:

Joining the Advisory Committee – CAL’s Advisory Committee has multiple meetings over the course of a school year.  By joining the Advisory Committee, you will be welcomed to give input and share opinions to help continue improving our school.

Advising Students on Projects – Make yourself available to provide information and knowledge to students during class projects and assignments.

Become a Drop-in Mentor – Work with both students and staff at CAL to help develop our programs and curriculum. You can also be direct mentors to students throughout a project.