Center for Advanced Learning has developed a partnership structure to enable a variety of stakeholders to contribute, invest, or volunteer themselves towards the improvement of our programs and facilities.  By reviewing our partnership strategies, you can see just how to get involved with CAL.
There are 3 roads in choosing a partnership:  Short-Term, Long-Term and Building Your Own Partnerships:
Short-Term Partnerships:  Sharing your expertise and generating exposure
Long-Term Partnerships:  Being a significant influence on CAL students over a long period of time
Build A Partnership:  Choose criteria of your own to become a valuable asset to CAL
As a future partner, there are many things to consider, one of which being…


“CAL students are your future employees and innovators”

Wouldn’t it be great to have a hand in developing the young minds of future business leaders?  We think so too!  That’s why, as a visible sponsor of CAL students, your time and efforts will help place you at the top of their list when it comes to future job searches.  It also gives you the opportunity to help provide state of the art equipment, create awards, and sponsor student-run events… the possibilities are nearly endless.

“Enjoy valuable input into long-term curriculum development”

It’s almost like having your own off-site training facility.  CAL students benefit from visiting your job site, using real life business approaches to overcome challenges and becoming actively involved in various projects.  You can work with CAL instructors to help develop the curriculum to fit in with the business industry;  Your business industry.

“Create and develop on-the-job learning at your work site”

Imagine trying out your future career while you were still in high school. That’s exactly the opportunity you can offer through CAL.  Job shadowing.  Paid internships.  Whatever level of on-the-job training work site involvement that’s right for your business, CAL students are enthusiastic would-be employees.  By offering this opportunity, you could increase the competition for actual employment roles in your business.

“Sponsorships: Other ways to be involved with CAL”

By becoming a sponsor of CAL, you are placing your confidence in the youth of today and are actually helping to shape their training.  Of course the equipment, on-the-job learning experience, and real-life business challenges are vital, but the personal attention and immersion in the CAL program are certain to yield unexpected dividends.  Contact a CAL representative today for a tour of the facilities and find out specifically how your business can benefit from becoming a CAL sponsor.