Long-Term Partnerships

Troutdale Fire Service deliver a project for CAL students.

Troutdale Fire Service deliver a project for CAL students.

Become a significant influence in the CAL experience, and help shape the future of your professional industry.  If you can dedicate your time and resources to CAL, there are two channels you can head down:  Curriculum Development, where you will work continuously with CAL to help develop and improve our strong curriculum, or Work-Site Learning, where partners provide our students the opportunity to experience the business for themselves.


Work directly with teachers:

Through a course of meetings, over the phone, or just by providing information to support what CAL already has.

Help develop and improve existing or create new course material:

If you believe that you could offer our programs something, let us know!  Whether it is a project, reading materials, or just general ideas, our staff are always ready to improve the program.

Recommend project-driven learning experiences or challenges for CAL students to solve Work-Based problems:

If you have a common practice in your business that you would be curious for CAL students to try, or if you have a fresh problem that you could use some help in solving, this approach could be beneficial to you.

WORK SITE               LEARNING

Host internships, externships, job shadows:

CAL has a magnificent Health Sciences program and is heavily involved with internships, externships and job shadows. By involving your business, you can help generate a wider variety of experiences for CAL students to witness.

Dedicate at least 12 hours to a student per semester:

A typical job shadow for CAL is around 12 hours. In that time, a student can observe, learn, and participate. CAL students take on these opportunities wholeheartedly in their stride.

Mentor students into suitable future employees:

As you and your business serves as a window into the real-world for our students, you are able to mold them into working professionals who will have the skills to be a great future employee.