Industry Standard Technology

Center for Advanced Learning has used the grant to update its technology, from old, worn out desktop computers to new, industry-standard laptops.  This allows students to develop a higher quality of work, and the opportunity to collaborate more with students in different programs.  This is how CAL’s programs have benefited from new technology:


Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing


There has been an upgrade to 21st century equipment, which has been purchased for student learning.  Two state of the art 3D printers are up and running in the Manufacturing Lab, and a third 3D printer which has also been ordered.  This third printer offers the students high resolution and finishing tools to make their designs even better.


Digital Media and Design


Students have experienced an upgrade in HD quality equipment.  Students can now capture stable and moving images.  These images can be used for advertising campaigns, websites, and film making. The DMD program has also received new industry standard laptops.

Computer Information Systems



CAL has moved away from old desktop computers.  With the CTE Revitalization Grant, CIS purchased new industry standard laptops and software to support work-based learning.