Build A Partnership


Maybe you cannot dedicate to a long-term commitment with CAL, but you want to develop a partnership which can grow. If so, why not build a custom partnership? See below of how you can become a significant partner with us.


How much time can you offer?
What resources can you provide (time, staff, money)?
What equipment and materials can you offer?
Where do you want to base your partnership (CAL or your business)?
Who do you want to work with (departments, students, teachers, advisory committee)?
What do you want from this?
How do you want to make a difference?


Gift equipment – instructor approved
Donate money
Sponsor an event (CALebration, Open House, Business Days)
Buy Ad Space
Offer discounts to students
Become a community ambassador/support/network

IF you would like to discuss this further please call us on 503-667-4978 or email us at