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You’re a Dreamer… A Thinker… A Builder

If this is you and you seek out to new challenges, then CHANGElab@CAL is for you.  You are in control of your future and CAL can help you create your way to success. CHANGElab@CAL is a two year course which takes you through identifying problems and developing solutions, but also creating a social action project that addresses a problem in the community with a viable solution.

Over the 2 years you will take part in…

Launch Pad 1 & 2: Create and run you own company, and address real-world problems that accompany building a business.

Launch Lab: Progress and launch your business.

Statistics/Math for Business: Introduce statistical thinking to your development.

Change Lab: Become a social entrepreneur.

Personal Finance: Learn how to make money work.

As the main focus in Launchlab and Changelab is leadership and entrepreneurship, we feel real world experiences and engaging activities are the best methods to learn these skills.  We use real world problems to foster an entrepreneurial mindset, and many of our students start and own their own business during this program, which we fully support in developing with them.  After students gain experiences running their own entrepreneurial venture, we also partner with community organizations and address problems the students select in the community.

Entrepreneurial Mindsets

Why do entrepreneurs think and work differently than the majority of people?  What mindsets are necessary for success as an entrepreneur?  How can entrepreneurs recognize problems as opportunities and be resourceful in creating solutions?

Business Trends and Ideas

How can an entrepreneur recognize upcoming trends and position themselves and their company for success in a rapidly changing world?

Team Formation

What is the best way to form your team so your company will have the highest chance of success?

Customer Demographics and Target Customers

How does a company remain focused in their products and build loyalty in a customer-base?

Product and Promotion

How do entrepreneurs best develop products and what are the best methods for releasing them to the public?

Business Ethics

In a fast changing world, are morals in business timeless?  How does an entrepreneur know the correct action when they’re receiving competing advice?  Do profits and ethics exist on opposite ends of a spectrum or can they strengthen each other when executed correctly?


What are most effective marketing strategies in a society full of cluttered media?  How can entrepreneurs position their companies to cut through the clutter?

Management and Leadership

What are the most common components and strategies for creating high performing teams?  How can entrepreneurs assess the environment of their team and create the best situations for them to achieve their goals?

Competitive Advantages

Why are some companies  more successful than others in the same type of business?  How can an entrepreneur build and maintain a company that doesn’t become destroyed by the competition?

Financial Projections

How can an entrepreneur successfully forecast the financial future of their company? Why does the understanding of sound financial systems determine the health of a business?  How can an entrepreneur build these systems for their company’s success?

Types of Business Entities

With so many choices, what is the best business structure for a company’s success?

Startup Capital

What resources are critical for a business to start and how can entrepreneurs forecast and gain access to the variety of necessary resources to launch their company? How do entrepreneurs navigate the different types of resources needed for various stages of their companies?

Human Resource Management

What are essential components of managing employees and what structures and policies need to be in place for everyone in a company?

Operation Management

How can companies structure themselves to achieve the highest levels of outcomes and performance?  How can entrepreneurs manage these elements most effectively?

Information Systems

In the Information age, almost everything within a business interacts with some type of technology.  What technologies are best for businesses and how can they manage them successfully?